The legitimacy of a government in leviathan a book by thomas hobbes

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Thomas Hobbes

Leviathan or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil is a book written by Thomas Hobbes and published in Its name derives from the biblical Leviathan. The work concerns the structure of society and legitimate government, and is regarded as one of the earliest and most influential examples of social contract theory.

In his seminal text, Leviathan, the philosopher Thomas Hobbes offers what was then a radically novel conception of the origins of civil government. Hobbes’ ideas of the commonwealth are predicated upon his views of human nature and the state of mankind without government, and so he establishes his.

LEVIATHAN or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil-commonly referred to as Leviathan-is a book written by Thomas Hobbes () and published in (revised Latin edition ). Its name derives from the biblical Leviathan. The work concerns the structure of society and legitimate government, and is regarded as one of the earliest and most.

Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan: Summary, Quotes & Analysis Hobbes on Government & Man. Though Hobbes paradoxically ended his book endorsing the new government and the parliamentarian rebels, it.

Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury (also Thomas Hobbes of Malmsbury) was a British philosopher and a seminal thinker of modern political philosophy.

Hobbes's Moral and Political Philosophy

His ideas were marked by a mechanistic materialist foundation, a characterization of human nature based on greed and fear of death, and support for an absolute monarchical form of government/5.

In Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes major concern was the structure of society and its legitimate government – essentially, what makes governments legitimate and from where do they derive their power.

Hobbes’ theory of government is regarded as one of the earliest and .

The legitimacy of a government in leviathan a book by thomas hobbes
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