Review related literature to senior citizens

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Built Environment and Elderly Population Health: A Comprehensive Literature Review

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Reward, exercise, and attention. Full-Text Paper (PDF): Senior Citizens' Acceptance of Information Systems: A Study in the Context of e-Government Services. literature review, Substance Abuse Among Aging Adults: An Annotated Bibliography (Feidler, Pertica, Leary, & Strohl, ), catalogs and classifies studies and other literature, as well as provides a roadmap to the data sources available on substance abuse among aging adults.

Senior Related Literature

Senior citizens may have difficulties with mobility, and with regard to communication, could have preparedness websites, and other communications that convey actionable risk-related information. This literature review informed the development of a compendium of communication materials.

SENIOR CENTER LITERATURE REVIEW. REFLECTING & RESPONDING TO. COMMUNITY NEEDS. TERESA S. DAL SANTO, PHD. This review provides senior center directors, policy makers and researchers an health related outcome measures as walking speed, chair stands, physical function, step.

v. review of the literature The following represents a summary of information about projects which were identified in the review of the literature. Our intent has been to review projects which have been planned or organized to use traditional practitioners (TPs) as community workers in one or more aspects of primary health care.

Killing Me Softly- Literature Review.

Implementation of a Brief Treatment Counseling Toolkit in Federally Review of Related Literature. that there are about 2 billion people worldwide who consume alcoholic beverages and middle-aged people and senior citizens.

the estimated annual cost of alcohol abuse in the United States was $

Review related literature to senior citizens
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