Review of related literature on work life balance

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Our evidence

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The interlinked concepts of work/life balance, work/family balance, work/life conflict, work/family conflict have gained prominence in the recent years due to the changes in the society and the workplace.

Work-life balance – Managing the interface between family and working life

specifically selected work-life balance and labor relations. Based on this general idea, its existence is considered highly relevant to provide information or affirmation that indeed organizations saw the likelihood of SHRM REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE The review of related literature.

on the concept of work–life balance are analysed in the literature review, after which the research methodology is presented. Finally the results of the study are presented and discussed.

Based on a thorough review of the literature we introduce an integrated conceptualization of work-life balance involving two key dimensions: engagement in work life and nonwork life and minimal conflict between social roles in work and nonwork life.

Work life conflict has been demonstrated to be linked to a number of work-related outcomes, including: decreased job satisfaction, self-reported decreased work performance, higher rates of S., Hunt T., Ayers, B, ‘Adjust the Balance: Literature Review Life Cycles and Work Life Balance’, Centre for Health Psychology, Staffordshire.

Dec 03,  · This study investigated the status of work-life imbalance among hospital nurses in Japan and impact of work-life imbalance on job satisfaction and quality of life. A cross-sectional survey of 1, nurses (81% response rate) was conducted in three Japanese acute care hospitals.

Review of related literature on work life balance
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