My precious thing

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Gollum Quotes

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I tend to have fifty-million tabs open at a time. If something catches my eye it will get a quick OH!COOL! LIKE! before I flip to the next shiny thing.

This Precious Thing In My Clumsy Hands

But every now and then, I'm stumped. A drawing. Jaryd Dock and Sara Tashakorinia went to Napa Valley to celebrate their first anniversary. It ended in tragedy when their Uber car was struck head-on while driving to dinner. Welcome to the world of the Precious Petzzz!

These oh-so-cute critters are up for adoption and looking for a loving new home. With bellies that breathe and fur. You have come to the right website for the most comprehensive collection of information on the silver market, mining & stocks.

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Don’t Be Precious (with your ideas)

Three magic words for people who create things are: don’t be precious. Being precious means you’re behaving as if the draft, the sketch, the idea you’re working on is the most important thing.

I bought this for my beloved dog's memorial spot in our yard. The verse was perfect. I looked and looked through many catalogs, web sites, etc. and some of the verses were .

My precious thing
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