Macbeth theatrical review

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MACBETH – Theatrical Review

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Macbeth – Review – Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre, York

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Olivier theatre, London. Chicago Shakespeare Theatre on Navy Pier is staging a rather odd adaptation of William Shakespeare’s famed Scottish play “Macbeth,” adapted and directed by Aaron Posner and Teller, of “Penn and Teller” fame.

Most recently, Posner and Teller had a successful adaptation of “The Tempest. Review by Lauren Whalen. When a play’s director has a long program note and an even longer bio, it usually doesn’t bode well.

This is the case for Theatre Y’s Macbeth, directed by French actor Georges Bigot and developed over a year-long workshop process. (Roles were only assigned three months ago.). Macbeth: Photo by Richard Davenport (c) RSC.

The RSC’s production of Macbeth comes at an apt time.

Macbeth review – Eccleston is every inch the rugged soldier

Greed for power at any expense is the universal feature of politics and business, living as we. Macbeth: Royal National Theatre London – Credit Brinkhoff/Mögenburg. Once again Shakespeare has come into my life. This time it is the turn of ‘The Scottish Play’ to be given a makeover and.


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The play is a tragedy written around by William Shakespeare and it is one of his most famous works. It describes the rise of the royal commander Macbeth to become the King of.

Macbeth theatrical review
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