Literature review on teenage pregnancy prevention

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Teenage Parents and Their Educational Attainment

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Decades of research have identified dozens of programs that are effective in helping young people prevent pregnancy, HIV, and STDs. These programs provide young people with accurate, honest information about abstinence as well as contraception.

Sexual Activity. American teenagers become sexually active at the same age and have similar numbers of partners as teenagers in other industrialized countries. 4 However, American teenagers' use of contraception is among the lowest in the world when compared with nations of similar economic development.

The result is a teenage pregnancy rate that is twice as high as rates in Canada. Browse the WebMD Questions and Answers A-Z library for insights and advice for better health. teen sexual behavior: (1) a review of literature pertaining to prevention programs and, (2) data applicable to prevention programs is identified.

There is a wide array of teenage pregnancy preventions programs. The increasing intervals between first sexual intercourse, cohabitation, and childbearing means that, on average, women in Britain spend about 30 years of their life needing to avert an unplanned pregnancy.

Our data offer scope for primary prevention aimed at reducing the rate of unplanned conceptions, and secondary prevention aimed at modification of health behaviours and health disorders in.

Literature review of teenage pregnancy

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Teenage Parents and Their Educational Attainment Literature review on teenage pregnancy prevention
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