Literature review on adoption of internet banking

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An Empirical Investigation on Mobile Banking Service Adoption in Rural Karnataka

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A literature review of theoretical models of Internet banking adoption at the individual level

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Journal of Management Information System and E-commerce Vol. 1, No. 1; June 1. FACTORS AFFECTING INDIVIDUALS TO ADOPT MOBILE BANKING: EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FROM THE UTAUT MODEL Both Internet banking and mobile banking are often considered as electronic banking [Suoranta & Mattila ; the context of electronic banking.

2. Literature Review. Internet banking adoption among mature customers: Early majority or laggards? Journal of Services Marketing, 17, Google Scholar, Crossref: Maurer, B. (). Retail electronic payments systems for value transfers in the developing world.

LITERATURE REVIEW ON INTERNET BANKING Page 63 National Literature Review Rakesh H M & Ramya T J () In their research paper titled “A Study on Factors Influencing Consumer Adoption of Internet Banking in India” tried to examine the factors that influence internet banking adoption.

factor authentication on the adoption of Internet banking in Australia as perceived by the users, through a qualitative survey.

The findings show that the two factor authentication does not affect most of the key factors affecting Internet banking adoption including ease-of-use and it helps reduce the perceived risks.

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Literature review on adoption of internet banking
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