Literature review of global marketing

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Exploring the Value and Process of Marketing Strategy: Review of Literature

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Exploring the Value and Process of Marketing Strategy: Review of Literature

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Strategy Implementation Literature Review Executive Summary The purpose of the Dairy Farm Systems for the Future project. 2 is to explore how to identify and design farming systems best suited to the changing environment and farmer circumstances. Marketing Literature Review This section is based on a selection of article abstracts from a comprehensive business literature database.

Marketing-related abstracts from over journals (both academic and trade) are reviewed by JM staff. Globalization and Consumer Behavior: Global Marketing Strategies Implication Homogeneity and Heterogeneity (Preliminary Study) 5 Pages.

So, the qualitative method contains semi-structured interview and a questionnaire, as well as literature review gathered from electronic and physical versions of the literature.

At second, through a. ent outlets, primarily in the Journal of Global Marketing, the International Marketing Review, and the Journal of Marketing.

Table 1 summarizes the profi le characteristics of the studies selected, while a. p. ). Ghauri and Cateora (, p. 18) explain that, at the global marketing level, companies treat the world as a single market.

In the same sense, the American Marketing Association (AMA) views global marketing as a strategy “that consciously addresses global customers, markets, and competition” (AMA). Zou and Cavusgil (, p.

Literature review of global marketing
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