Life of pi movie review

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Life of Pi

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Life of Pi is a American survival drama film based on Yann Martel's novel of the same hopebayboatdays.comed by Ang Lee, the film's adapted screenplay was written by David Magee, and it stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Rafe Spall, Tabu Hashmi, Adil Hussain, and Gérard storyline revolves around an Indian man named "Pi" Patel, telling a novelist about his life story, and how at.

Read the Life of Pi movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on Dave White. Review: Life Of Pi is one of those rare films that amaze, inspire and leave you in awe of the human spirit – all at the same time.

A screen adaptation of a bestselling book by a visionary Academy Award winning director, one can only expect brilliance. This gritty, low budget, black and white indie thriller is the debut of the maverick auteur Darren Aronofsky. Set in New York's Chinatown, the film follows a reclusive mathematician who, for the.

I was once involved with a woman and we decided to stay in and watch a movie, she was a professional cheerleader who was interested in dancing, travel and working out, and the movie I chose was Pi. 45 minutes into one of the best movies I had ever seen she says, "I have absolutely no idea what's going on in this movie.

Life Of Pi Review

The movie is about overcoming intense odds and heroically facing great challenges -- i.e., trying to survive when survival doesn't look likely.

Life of pi movie review
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