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We see connections get played on him. In "Ladder 49" Jay Russell again goes for the kind of treatment that leaves ample scope in the narration to play with ideas of wrong and right within the rhythms and patterns of everyday life.

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of 53 results for "ladder 49 movie" Click Try in your search results to watch thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost with an Amazon Prime membership. Showing selected results. Ladder 49 is a brilliant and moving film, capturing the brotherhood, heartbreaks, and plentiful adrenaline rushes of working in the fire industry.

I was a dispatcher for 2 years, the real heroes are the remaining members of my family I mentioned above. "Ladder 49" is more than worth the price of admission. It is a vibrant peek into the world of the fireman and the community of brotherhood they inhabit both on the job and in their homes.

This film is a must see for all members of the family. Ladder 49 definitely depicts the danger of the job, but somehow makes it feel utterly boring.

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I was not engaged with this story at all. The plot is a by-the-book drama, ticking all .

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