Comic books an independent media

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INDEPENDENT Comic Books in the media

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Books for Reluctant Readers

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INDEPENDENT Comic Books in the media

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Since they published a lot of these books, it seems there truly is a market for exactly that. Comic books are often shortened to simply comic and sometimes called a funny book, comic paper o is a magazine made up of narrative artwork, often accompanied by dialog usually in word balloons, emblematic of the comic book art form and often including brief descriptive prose.

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Publishing Services: Stranger Comics is a comic book publishing company with full publishing and distribution services.

If you have a completed book or a creator-owned work in progress with an artist team, they are happy to consider your book for release through Stranger Comics.

Comic Book Movies

The First Bundred Days are at it again with the first comic book written by an openly pro-Trump team of comics professionals. My Hero MAGADEMIA, a parody of the Japanese hit My Hero Academia, .

Comic books an independent media
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