Casella wines export success

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Peter Lehmann (winemaker)

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Casella group - the winemaker behind export success Yellow Tail - plans to go upmarket. Australia's export policy has led to major reforms in the Australian wine industry Rationalisation of wine production' leading to overall efficiency giving them cost advantages over their competitors and reshaping of distribution lines.

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The Casella Family – Behind Casella Wines. Posted by Rachel Tyler on August 3, August 4, With these wines, success followed in the form of many awards. To make the grade, growers that work with the family must meet their “uncompromising commitment to quality” adage.

This has been used to ensure wines showcase the best a region. Export strategy is a way in a company sets its rule of operation in the export business helping it to achieve the objectives set.

With an export strategy a company will be able to will clearly define its raw materials, finances and the personnel to help it achieve its goals.

Yellow Tail (wine)

Peter Leon Lehmann AM, (18 August – 28 June ) was an Australian wine producer based in the Barossa Valley.

Casella wines export success
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