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To assess the effectiveness of corporate branding strategy, this paper proposes three dimensions that can help the head office understand and manage their corporate brand effectively by. How to create a Twitter marketing strategy A well-crafted strategy is the foundation for success—and it’s what separates the most effective brands on Twitter from the also-rans.

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Without a clear plan, you will waste time and money tweeting without a clear understanding of how your activities are helping your organization meet its goals.

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Search. Search. Exploring the impact of brand community identification on Facebook: Firm-directed and self-directed drivers.

Knowledge management processes and sustainable competitive advantage: An. Brand Management Article Review Introduction: Review: Teresa da Silva Lopes & Mark Casson (Winter, ). Entrepreneurship and the Development of Global Brands: Business History Review 81 by The President and Fellows of Harvard College (Extract from page ) World’s economy in early s leaded to the merger wave in.

Effective brand management requires taking a long-term view of marketing decisions. Managing brands for the long run involves reinforcing brands or, if necessary, revitalizing brands. Reinforcing brands involves ensuring innovation in product design, manufacturing, and merchandising and ensuring relevance in user and usage imagery.

Kevin Lane Keller and Don Lehmann (), “Assessing Brand Potential,” in special issue, “Brand Value and Valuation,” of Journal of Brand Management, special issue editors, Randall Raggio and Robert P. Leone, 17 (September),

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