Black boy review of richard wrights novel

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Richard Wright (author)

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Books and Writers

And so I lambasted myself with books. Now the creation may be for much. BLACK BOY details the formative years of Richard Wright, a best-selling author and activist who grew up during the s in Mississippi and Tennessee.

The book reveals the extreme emotional and physical depravation of Wright's childhood -- hunger and the threat of violence were Wright's most constant companions.

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In the extraordinary novel Black Boy by Richard Wright, the author attempts and succeeds in recalling the e vents in which his African American family had endured after the Civil War had ended. In this book Richard is a young /5().

This autobiography might almost be said to supply the roots to Wright's famous novel, Native Son. It is a grim record, disturbing, the story of how -- in one boy's life -- the seeds of hate and distrust and race riots were planted.

Black boy review of richard wrights novel
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