Article review shaping the halal into

The Halal Snack Pack has officially gone international

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Shaping the Halal into a brand?

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How to Write an Article Review Essay

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Shaping the Halal into a brand?

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Halal refers to what is permissible in traditional Islamic law. Food that meets halal requirements is marked by a halal label on the packaging and should be especially attractive to those Muslims who follow the set of dietary laws outlined in the Quran.

Wilson, A & Liu, J ().The Challenges of Islamic branding: Navigating Emotions and Halal: Journal of Islamic Marketing, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of the Organizing Committee of INCOMaR Article Review: Shaping the Halal into a Brand?

By: Jonathan A.J.

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Wilson: University of Greenwich, London, UK a) What was the overall purpose/aim of the study you reviewed? The purpose of the study to review current literature and practices concerning the usage. From the focus group findings disclosed that most of consumers agreed that the Islamic branding defines as a product or service that meets the Sharia-compliant and any parties that involved in Halal accreditations should be seriously implemented strict procedures to.

The term halal or permissible carries a comprehensive meaning which constituted the whole process in engaging any activity. A fried chicken for example is halal only when it is slaughtered islamically and prepared using halal ingredients. The same goes to others particularly business activity.

This article summarizes the literature on halal food, the halal food market segment, and the concept of branding constructs in halal perspective into a new managerial framework.

Article review shaping the halal into
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The Halal Snack Pack has officially gone international : SBS Food