A review of the production of jose riveras play marisol

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Expect The Weird And Unusual With MARISOL At NKU

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Adoration of the Old Woman

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It might seem too easy or too cynical to call José Rivera's apocalyptic drama Marisol an indictment of the impending Trump presidency, but the dark tale — revived by Villanova Theatre, with its first performance on election night — earns extra power through its resonance with current.


May 04,  · “Marisol,” currently being presented by Luna Stage in West Orange, is a dark fantasia that reflects a number of the social and spiritual troubles of the early s. The play is centered around Marisol Perez, a year-old New Yorker who loses the protection of her guardian angel.

The angel trades her wings for a submachine gun to lead a revolution against the senile God who cannot maintain goodness and order in the world. José Rivera is a recipient of two Obie Awards for playwriting for Marisol and References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, which were both produced by The Public Theater in New York.

Mar 03,  · I recently posted a video showcasing the behind the scenes aspects of putting on the School of Theater’s production, “Marisol,” written by Jose Rivera.

I finally got the chance last Thursday to see the show in its entirely, and was thoroughly hopebayboatdays.com: Ashley Showen.

A review of the production of jose riveras play marisol
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Marisol, character in Marisol