A review of albert wendts novel pouliuli

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Sons for the Return Home

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This provider is 5/5(16). Albert Wendt, (born October 27,Apia, Western Samoa [now Samoa]), Samoan novelist and poet who wrote about present-day Samoan life.

Albert Wendt was born in Apia, Samoa. Wendt's epic Leaves of the Banyan Tree () won the New Zealand Book Awards. He was appointed to the first chair in Pacific literature at the University of the South Pacific in Suva.

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Coppola was given the Irving Thalberg award by the Apocalypse Now study guide contains a biography. Pouliuli by Albert Wendt - In Pouliuli, a novel written by Albert Wendt, Faleasa Osovae awakens to find the life he’s been living all along is a mere façade.

Pouliuli invites readers into the Samoan community of Malaelua, which is turned topsy-turvy when Faleasa misleads his. Civil.

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A review of albert wendts novel pouliuli
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Sons for the Return Home by Albert Wendt