A review of a class exercise on role playing

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Role Play Method for Training and Development

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Role-Play Questions

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• This exercise is designed for the start of a team session that reviews the previous year; in particular what went well, what people struggled with and what they learnt from it.

Group Size: This module can be used with groups of any size. Role-playing takes place between two or more people, who act out roles to explore a particular scenario. Once you've identified these roles, allocate them to the people involved in your exercise; they should use their imagination to put themselves inside the minds of the people that they're representing.

For instance, if you're playing. Role Playing. Overview; Resources; Authors: Dena Plemmons and Michael Kalichman, and then are paired up with the charge to carry out the role-play exercise seeking resolution. particularly if asked to do so in front of the rest of their class.

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Role-Playing Exercises

4 Social Situations to Role-Play With Your Grade-Schooler By Lexi Walters Wright. Share & Save Why not rehearse social situations, too? Role-playing can be a fun way to help build social skills and learn about social rules. These mock situations can get you started. please review.

Unlike other training tools, such as manuals or classroom lectures, role playing is active. And because of the activity, involvement, and peer pressure people feel in the “drama,” the learning rate is high.

Role playing has also proved very productive with outside salespeople calling on clients and potential clients. Role-playing can take place in pairs or small groups.

Teachers can structure the class so that the groups are talking simultaneously in different areas of the room or ask them to perform the activity in front of the entire class.

A review of a class exercise on role playing
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